FREQUEntly asked questions

Yes, you can sign up for a one-time trial class at $20. Bookings can be made via Vibefam App.

Yes, you may freeze your membership if you are traveling out of the country, or due to medical reasons (with a valid doctor’s letter) for a maximum period of 12 months.

We offer a variety of Single and Buddy Packages. Our Buddy package allows you to sign up with your best friend, it is not limited to just family members. Click here for the membership packages.

Yes. We have Muay Thai classes for kids from 5 years old to 12 years old.

Yes. Our classes are beginner friendly and you do not need to have prior experience of the sport to get started.


If you have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, it would be best to seek your doctor’s clearance before starting on a new fitness program.


You are required to be in proper workout attire in the gym. However, you are not required to wear any footwear for the classes, and footwear is not allowed in the gym.

For Muay Thai and Boxing classes, please bring your own hand wraps and gloves. If you are attending a sparring class headgear, shin guards and mouth guard are a must.


For MMA classes, please bring your own MMA gloves. We encourage you to put on a rash guard for class.


As a courtesy towards your fellow gym mates, please ensure that your gear is clean and hygienic.


We provide free rental of gloves only for Trial session as it is your first time trying the sport. For all current members, you can rent a pair of gloves from us for a minimal fee and subject to availability.

Yes, we have a separate shower room for Male and Female. However, you are required to bring your own towel if you wish to shower after class.

You can park at any designated parking lots along Race Course Road or the multi storey carpark at Blk 678.